A Convenient Truth

The temperature is 42 phucking degrees. The summer has planned its vacation here in Madras! Al gore made a movie on global warming (An Inconvenient Truth) and the best response everyone could give, was by the means of an Oscar and HBO played it on Earth day! Now THAT will really help us! In a few years we will have Weather reports on TV which will carry this message “Today’s weather report contains some R Rated material. Viewer discretion and Parental Guidance advised.”

A lil' research on the Internet and these are the less alarming findings

1. Scientists have noted that Arctic warming could make it easier to find oil.
2. It has been observed that global warming is good for squid.
3. Did you hear about Russian President Vladimir Putin's suggestion in2003 that global warming could be a good thing because then Russians would spend less money on fur coats?
4. Or did you hear about NASA's idea to solve the hot problem by moving the Earth into another orbit?

couple of reasons why GW is good

- No one will confuse Iceland and Greenland because they'll both be underwater.
- most of the sea side cities will be underwater, thus no Chennai, so we are saved from the heat!

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Camel Crossing

Antarctica on Fire


While you are warning a lot of things at home here are a few Movies on Climate and climatic changes to learn from.

1. An Inconvenient Truth
2. The day after tomorrow
3. Ice age
4. Ice age 2 the Meltdown
5. Happy Feet

George Bush SNL(saturday night live) on youtube..